[uf-new] RFC: @rel for privacy policy and T&C links

Schuyler Duveen sky at columbia.edu
Wed Aug 18 07:19:11 PDT 2010

My use-case is that I'm automating the embedding of media from other
sites into a third-party site [1].  Some sites have requested that we
include their Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Privacy Policy links next
to the content, thus I'd like a way to automatically discover this.

I propose a single new @rel value, 'privacy' thus:

<a rel="privacy" href="privacy.html">Privacy Policy</a>
<a rel="license" href="tc.html">Terms and Conditions</a>

IANAL, so I'm not entirely clear if there are subtle differences between
a license and T&C, but here I assume T&C are always licenses.

These links are ubiquitous throughout the web, and I believe there are
even some legal domains which require sites to have such links. [2]

There is a related @rel for machine-readable privacy policies:

which proposes embedding such a file in many ways, one of which would be:
<link rel="P3Pv1"

but this is outside of my use-case, since it's a machine-readable form.



[1] If you want to know more, see:
     more or less the oEmbed use case, but even when a oEmbed url is not
     available)  http://www.oembed.com/

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privacy_Policy#Applicable_US_law

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