[uf-new] New proposal: Microformat for email unsubscribe

Indus Khaitan khaitan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 22:42:30 PST 2010


I'm researching few extensions to an open source email client. One of
the things I'm exploring is standardizing the unsubscribe information
which is normally buried in the footer using a new microformat for
annotating unsubscribe information.

Benefits of the microformat:
1. Standardizing/semanticizing of unsubscribe information will allow
automation for handling unsubscribes
2. Further to (1), email clients may extract the unsubscribe and
present it in a different view altogether
3. Further to (1), custom unsubscribe workflows can be 'embedded' as
the format matures

1. There is an optional email header called 'List-unsubscribe' which
is already in production use by GMail and other vendors

Wanted to get your feedback before putting up an
exploratory-discussions page. If you are looking to dig deeper, I have
written it up here at

Indus Khaitan

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