[uf-new] Question About "Magazine Article" microformat.

Sunburned Surveyor sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 15:36:31 PDT 2010

Mark and Sarven:

Thank you for the quick responses.

I will respond to each of you below.

Mark wrote: "hnews and hatom are the most obvious formats for you to
look at. The
only thing that's not in hnews for this is magazine issue."

I'll take a look at both formats. Perhaps I can use hnews with a
slight tweak to include magazine issue.

Sarven wrote: "What type of a site would you consider to be a Web
magazine? How would
the editorial content be different than any other form of online

In my case I have a magazine that is actually published in PDF format
in quarterly issues. I'm trying to come up with the best method of
publishing each of the magazine articles online in HTML format. Rather
than having a "dumb" web page for each article, I thought I would try
to use a more specific format for this type of content. I suppose I
envision a search tool that would allow you to search for articles by
magazine, magazine issue, or even article series. Both you and Mark
recommended I look at hAtom and hNews. I will do that.

Thank you again for the suggestions.


P.S. - I didn't see a specific mailing list to discuss development of
tools for the indexing and searching microformat content. Do you have
any suggestions on the best place for this type of discussion?

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