[uf-new] Source Code Examples

Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 04:58:25 PDT 2010

Hello, uh.. Sunburned!  Welcome. :)

On 7 July 2010 22:58, Sunburned Surveyor <sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com> wrote:
> I found on the wiki a page for a proposed source code examples format
> listed in the "inactive" section of the exploratory wiki page:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/code-examples
> I'm interested in working on this microformats proposal and I was
> wondering if there had been any recent activity on it. I'd also like
> to ask if there are suggestions on how I might pick-up this ball and
> start running with it.

Yep - that's cool.  Couple things I'd recommend doing for a starter:

* Drop Anders (current editor) an email and nudge him to see if he is
still interested in working on the proposal/research with you.  Just
seems like the polite thing to do.

* Fill out a page on research.  Gather as many in-the-wild examples of
marked-up code examples as you can (i.e. 'Document current

We vaguely call coming up with a new microformats specification 'The
Process' and you can find the steps here:

Any more questions, just let us know!


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