[uf-new] SERP proposal

Emanuele Minotto minottoemanuele at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 05:40:15 PDT 2010

I propose a model for representing search results pages (SERP),
analyzing the results of a sample of search engines you may notice
that many elements have the same goal but nobody is represented
As a sample I took a SERP of the following search engines: Google,
Bing, Cuil, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, Wikipedia. (Where possible, in English)

The general elements of a search page are:
- Number of results : 100% of the sample
- Page : 100%
- Number of first result on the page, last result on the page number : 100%
- Link to advanced search : 100%
- Seek time : 28%

While the elements of a single snippet are:
- Title : 100%
- Description : 100%
- Address : 85%
- Copy into the cache : 57%

Having said that I'd know what you think to identify a results page
with microformats.

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