[uf-new] SERP proposal

Emanuele Minotto minottoemanuele at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 06:25:26 PDT 2010

Oh sorry, I forgot to actually talk about OpenSearch. ^^'
Yes, I know OpenSearch and i think it's very helpful, but not to do
this, let me explain better.
First, the OpenSearch is not designed for HTML, for that the search
engines already exist, but as a tool (rather not comment on the use in
feed, I do not know the uses).
I thought to identify the results of the SERP for use by the
instrument OpenSearch, for example, if a user (using firefox) search
something on google, the OpenSearch can store results and perform the
redirect directly to the  address instead of passing the user from the

Yes, you can use a hAtom to show snippets, but it is wrong to use
hAtom to find a snippet that may vary between 10 years?

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