[uf-new] Available Resources Index File

Michael Elliot michael at digital.com.au
Thu Feb 24 21:45:17 PST 2011


I've just typed up a sample implementation of a draft specification
I'm working on called an "Available Resources Index".

Rather than using the link element in the HTML document to reference
various resources such as a favicon or RSS feed URL etc., I thought
that a more specific approach would be a better solution and provide
more flexibility. The name isn't necessarily fixed in stone, either.

This page (http://www.digital.com.au/ari-sample/) references an ARI
file using a link element. The ARI file can be found here:

I'm posting this here to garner critical feedback about and to discuss
this implementation.

Some benefits to users and notes that come to mind are:
* A browser menu option or associated shortcut key to compose an email
to a site's correct support department.
* A small Twitter icon in the status bar indicating that this site has
a Twitter account. Clicking this navigates to their account page.
* More flexibility with the JSON format and smaller document size.
* External file allows for caching and avoids resending the same
inline data on different page requests.
* Written specifically for its intended purpose rather than
piggy-backing off an existing format.

I initially wrote this because I wanted a way for sites to discover
other site's JSON RPC URL so that they can communicate between each
other and I didn't really like the link element approach.

Looking forward to any and all feedback.


Michael Elliot
Network Digital

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