[uf-rest] new implementation for php

Brian Hendrickson brian at megapump.com
Mon Feb 19 08:21:52 PST 2007

Hi, my name is Brian Hendrickson and i'm from Portland, Oregon. I'm  
33 years old, married with one child, and I enjoy working with PHP  
and PostgreSQL. My only claim to fame is as winner of the Race to  
Linux programming contest, which challenged participants to convert  
a .NET app to run on Linux.

For the past year i've been applying microformats, content- 
negotiation and rest-style services concepts to my open source php  
framework, dbscript. I attended a Ruby on Rails architecture workshop  
with Jeremy Voorhis to pick up on the latest concepts from Restful  
Rails. I've tried to adhere to the practices used by rails for urls  
and representations. Learn more about dbscript at:

http://dbscript.net (see the examples & documentation)

Additionally, I made Code Stylist, a graphical utility for publishing  
with dbscript. It combines database schema with code generation  
templates to generate schema-specific representations (xhtml/atom/wml/ 
jpg) for each resource. The program can quickly build a working,  
dynamic Web site featuring rest-style services, atom feeds and a  
built-in introspection resource with html & atompub representations.  
Download it from:

http://codestylist.com (see the screencast & screen shots)

I would be very appreciative of any feedback or ideas about these  
pieces of code, adapters are included for MySQL and PostgreSQL at  
this time. I recommend creating a test database while exploring how  
this code works, because it will create several new tables in the  

thank you for your time

Brian Hendrickson
Megapump, Inc.

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