[uf-rest] RESTful Rails Development PDF (English)

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Tue Feb 20 13:03:01 PST 2007

Hi all,

Apologies for the cross-posting, but (IMHO) this is a pretty  
significant development for both communities:

	RESTful Rails Development
	by Ralf Wirdemann & Thomas Baustert

As most of you know, Rails 1.2 made a pretty dramatic shift towards  
RESTful web applications.  This document (recently translated from  
the German) is the definitive summary of what REST looks like from  
the perspective of Ruby on Rails -- which I suspect is where many new  
programmers are going to first experience REST!

So, I encourage y'all to check it out.  And, if you find areas where  
you think Rails isn't being RESTful enough, let me know and I'll  
collate the feedback for Mr. Rails, David H. (though I think he's on  
at least one of these lists himself).

-- Ernie P.

RESTful Rails Development PDF Released



A month ago I reported on the release of a PDF (in German) covering  
Rails' REST abilities by Ralf Wirdemann and Thomas Baustert (the  
authors of the first German Rails book, "Rapid Web Development mit  
Ruby on Rails"). With the help of Florian Görsdorf and Adam Groves,  
they've produced a fine English translation titled "RESTful Rails  
Development". It's still free (although donations are accepted).

It's only about thirty pages long, but in that space it packs in a  
lot of information about Rails and REST, including REST routing,  
URLs, view techniques, path methods, and how to nest resources. If,  
like me, you're a Rails developer who's pretty savvy at the 1.0 level  
but haven't made the leap into the world of REST, it's a great primer.

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