Search Results at 11

Thanks to Julie Anne Noying for the meme birthday card. In this day and age of web frameworks that rise and fall like seasonal fashion displays, bait-and-break APIs, and sudden site-deaths, it’s nothing short of incredible that we’ve been able to continue evolving, improving, and growing microformats use for 11 years. All that incremental work [...] at 7

Last week the community celebrated its 7th birthday at a gathering hosted by Mozilla in San Francisco and recognized accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities. Humans First: Admin Emeriti & New Admins The microformats tagline “humans first, machines second” forms the basis of many of our principles, and in that regard, we’d like to recognize a [...]

Recently in microformats: 2009-09

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a “This Week in Microformats”, and September was a particularly active month for microformats: new hResume and hCard implementations beautiful hCards, MySpace hCards new tutorials and developments new hResume and hCard implementations Madgex‘s brand new hResume importer powers the Guardian UK‘s recently launched Guardian Jobs CV Match service. [...]

microformatsDevCamp this weekend!

At our recent 4th birthday party, we started planning the first microformatsDevCamp — and we’re glad to report that it’s come together quite nicely! Developers, designers, and all sorts of other microfolk are welcome to pitch in during this coming weekend, July 25-26, at one extremely cool venue: Automattic HQ, off of Pier 38 on the Embarcadero in [...]

In Search of Microformats

It’s a big week for microformats as Google launch ‘Rich Snippets’ into their main search engine. Regular users are starting to see great benefits of published structured data.