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=== Magnolia ===
=== Magnolia ===
*'''suboptimal''' - <code>adr</code> has no child properties [http://ma.gnolia.com/people/geraldkitty/contacts]. [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 01:18, 26 Sep 2007 (PDT)
*'''suboptimal''' - <code>adr</code> has no child properties [http://ma.gnolia.com/people/geraldkitty/contacts].
== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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hCard+XFN supporting friends lists issues

This page is for documenting issues with hCard+XFN friends lists, whether techniques, implementation challenges, or issues with specific implementations.

Services with hCard+XFN supporting friends lists

Issues with services with hCard+XFN supporting friends lists. Please list each service with issues alphabetically and as a heading sans punctuation for easier/cleaner permalinking. See hcard-examples-in-wild-with-problems for how to categorize/annotate hCard problems (invalid, subpotimal, hidden, requires javascript, requires XHR(XML-HTTP-Request) ).


See Also

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