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Pulled from Dodgeball's Glossary page.

Dodgeball basics

CHECK-IN @ Broadcast your whereabouts to your friends.

Like this: "@ace bar"
SHOUT ! Broadcast a message to your friends.

Like this: "! anyone want to go to the movies?"
LOOKUP ? Look up the address / cross street of a bar or restaurant.

Like this: "ace bar?"
LOOK NEARBY venue?tag Tell us where you are and what you're looking for (pool table, fireplace, pinball) nearby, and we'll send back a list of nearby venues that match your criteria.

Like this: "ace bar ? pool table"
SWITCH CITY switch [cityname] Travelling to a new city and want to keep using dodgeball? Send "switch [cityname]" and then you'll now be checking into venues and sending messages to your friends in the new city.

Like this: "switch nyc" or "switch boston"
FIND YOUR FRIENDS locate If you've had Dodgeball off for the night, send "locate" to get a quick update of where you can find your friends (last 3 hours).

Like this: "locate"
GET HELP USING DODGEBALL help If you've forgotten what you can do with Dodgeball or how to do it, send "help" to us and we'll send you back a brief cheat sheet describing how yo use the main features.

Like this: "help"

Changing your dodgeball preferences

TURN DODGEBALL ON/OFF (FOR THE NIGHT) on / off Stop receiving Dodgeball messages for the night by sending "off". Turn Dodgeball back on by checking-in or sending "on".

Like this: "on" or "off". Dodgeball will automatically turn itself back "on" at 7am the next morning.
TURN DODGEBALL ON/OFF (VACATION MODE) start / stop Stop receiving Dodgeball messages indefinitely by sending "stop". Turn Dodgeball back on by sending "start".

Like this: "start" or "stop"
GET MESSAGES IN DIGEST FORM digest Digest mode allows you to receive one msg per hour featuring all your friends' check-ins. Turn Digest Mode on/off by sending "digest".

Like this: "digest"

Managing your friends

SIGN UP A FRIEND FOR DODGEBALL Join Get your friend signed up for Dodgeball right from your mobile phone. (send this from YOUR FRIENDS' phone)

"join [your mobile number] [your first name]"
Like this: "join 9175551212 dennis"
ADD A FRIEND TO YOUR DODGEBALL PROFILE Add Add your friend to your network right from your mobile phone. (send this from YOUR phone):

"add [friends' mobile number]"
Like this: "add 6468883434"
BROADCAST MESSAGES TO SETS OF FRIENDS setname@venue, setname!message Send messages (check-ins/shouts) to a subset of your friends. Learn more about this and set up your sets here.

Check-ins: "[set name] @ [venue name]"
Like this: "happyhour @ ace bar"

Shouts: "[set name] ! [message]"
Like this: "happyhour ! let's meet at Ace Bar at 5pm"
BLOCK PEOPLE RIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE block If you get a message (friend or friend-of-friend) from a person you no longer want to send/receive messages from, just reply to that message with the word "block". You can always go into your manage friends page (for friends) or your history page (for friend-of-friends) to un-block them. Like this: "block"

Compound Commands

You can combine some commands, e.g.

  • @ venue ! message - check in at venue and send a message
  • group @ venue ! message - notify your group that you are checking in at a venue and send a message.

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