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RFC 2426, "vCard MIME Directory Profile", commonly referred to as vCard, forms the basis of the hCard microformat.

When normatively referencing RFC 2426 on this wiki, either do so by linking to this page with


or directly to

vCard 4

Note that vCard 4 is now an RFC: RFC6350.

See vCard 4 for more and how to send feedback.

alternate references

Avoid linking to the informative HTML translation of rfc2426.txt, which you must explicitly do by avoiding simply using the string RFC 2426 in your text, as MediaWiki appears to auto-hyperlink it to the HTML translation thus: RFC 2426.

other variants

In addition to the 1:1 mapping of vCard properties and values into semantic class names to form hCard, there have been a few other attempts to provide alternative variants/schemas to vCard. From most recent to oldest:

see also