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Microsoft's search engine supports hCard, hReview, hReview aggregate, hProduct, hCalendar, and hRecipe microformats in main search, per Bing Help: Marking up your site: Overview.

Bing launched their microformats support as of at least 2011-07-21 or earlier.

supported formats

Bing supports the following microformats:

Bing also supports their own breadcrumbs format which may be worth researching.


Businesses and organizations






Products and offers

Bing's documentation on Products and offers support

hProduct properties supported (bold = required)

  • fn
  • brand
  • category
  • description
  • identifier
  • price (not in documented list, but used in markup example provided)





Main article: validators

The Bing Markup Validator tests for various microformats support, including hCard, hCalendar, and others. Note: 2012-02-03 launch announcemnt: Bing Webmaster Center blog: Webmaster Tools Markup Validation Tool

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