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It is proposed to extend the hCard specification to include "Implied hCards", in order to streamline creation and mark-up for simple hCards by assuming information from common design patterns.


As microformats grow and emerge, the barrier to entry for writing them increases. Already, compound microformats such as hAtom, hResume and hReview are comprised of data from hCard, hCal, and rel-tag, and writing to the former requires knowledge of the latter even if the constructs used are quite simple. In addition, adding microformats to a Web page often requires adding a significant amount of tags to code, which often have to be added (time-consumingly) by hand. For example, a simple name:

John Doe

can become:

<span class="vcard"><span class="fn">John Doe</span></span>

with 52 extra characters:


To find a way that the above transformation can be achieved (or "implied") with a single span and a single class. This might be:

<span class="vcard-fn">John Doe</span>

although other patterns are also being discussed.

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