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= Microformats Wiki =

'''Please read [[how-to-play]] before making any edits.'''

'''Please read [[process]] before proposing any new microformats.'''

== Introduction ==

[[what-are-microformats|What are microformats]]? And [[what-can-you-do-with-microformats|what can you do with them]]? See the [ about page] for an overview, and the [[introduction]] page for more info.  Recent [[press]], [[presentations]], [[podcasts]], and [[screencasts]] are also a good place for some background reading/listening. Frequently asked questions are answered in the [[faq]].  Want something or want to contribute?  Help with things [[to-do]].  Want to learn more in person? Check out microformats [[events]].
One popular definition from our [ mailing list] (see also: [[mailing-lists]]) is "simple conventions for embedding semantics in HTML to enable decentralized development." More precisely, microformats can be defined as:
:simple conventions
:for embedding semantic markup
::for a specific problem domain
:in human-readable (X)HTML/XML documents, Atom/RSS feeds, and "plain" XML
::that normalize existing content usage patterns
::using brief, descriptive class names
::often based on existing interoperable standards
:to enable decentralized development
::of resources, tools, and services
"Or do you just use your browser to browse?  That's so 20th century." -- [ Mark Pilgrim]
== Specifications ==
[[microformats|Microformats]] open standards specifications (see also: [[implementations]])
* [[hcalendar|hCalendar]]
* [[hcard|hCard]]
* [[rel-license]]
* [[rel-nofollow]]
* [[rel-tag]]
* [[vote-links|VoteLinks]]
* [ XFN] (see also: [[xfn-implementations]])
* [ XMDP]
* [[xoxo|XOXO]]
== Drafts ==
* [[adr|adr]]
* [[geo|geo]]
* [[hatom|hAtom]] {{NewMarker}}
* [[hresume|hResume]] {{NewMarker}}
* [[hreview|hReview]]
* [[rel-directory]]
* [[rel-enclosure]]
* [[rel-home]]
* [[relpayment-research | rel-payment]]
* [[robots-exclusion|Robots Exclusion]]
* [[xfolk|xFolk]]
== Design Patterns ==
{{design_patterns}} <!-- this can be edited in /wiki/Template:design_patterns -->
== Exploratory Discussions ==
Research and analysis of real-world [[examples]], existing formats, and brainstorming to motivate the microformat.
* blog description [[blog-description-examples|examples]]
* blog info [[blog-info-examples|examples]]
* blog post [[blog-post-examples|examples]], [[blog-post-formats|formats]], and [[blog-post-brainstorming|brainstorming]] (yielded the [[hatom|hAtom]] draft)
* book [[book-examples|examples]], [[book-formats|formats]], and [[book-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* chat [[chat-examples|examples]], [[chat-formats|formats]], and [[chat-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* citation [[citation|effort]], [[citation-examples|examples]], [[citation-formats|formats]], [[citation-brainstorming|brainstorming]], and [[citation-faq|FAQ]]
* comment [[comment-problem|problem]], [[comment-examples|examples]], and [[comments-formats|formats]] (Some stuff needs to be extracted from [[comments-formats]])
* currency [[currency-examples|examples and brainstorming]] {{NewMarker}}
* directions [[directions-examples|examples]] {{NewMarker}}
* directory inclusion [[directory-inclusion-examples|examples]], [[directory-inclusion-formats|formats]]. (see also [[rel-directory]])
* distributed conversation [[distributed-conversation|overview]], [[distributed-conversation-brainstorming|brainstorming]], [[distributed-conversation-examples|examples]], and [[distributed-conversation-formats|formats]]
* forms [[forms-examples|examples]]
* genealogy [[genealogy-formats|examples]]
* group [[group-brainstorming|brainstorming]] and [[group-examples|examples]]
* hash [[hash-examples|examples]]
* last modified [[last-modified-examples|examples]], [[last-modified-formats|formats]], and [[last-modified-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* hListing [[hlisting-proposal|proposal]], and [[hlisting-feedback|feedback]] {{NewMarker}}
** Also, listing [[listing-examples|examples]], [[listing-formats|formats]], and [[listing-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* location [[location-formats|formats]]. (see also [[adr]] and [[geo]])
* media info [[media-info-examples|examples]]
* meeting minutes [[meeting-minutes-examples|examples]], [[meeting-minutes-formats|formats]], and [[meeting-minutes-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* metalink [[metalink-examples|examples]] {{NewMarker}}
* [[mfo-examples|MFO examples]]
* music [[music-examples|examples]]
* photo note [[photo-note-examples|examples]]
* recipe [[recipe-examples|examples]]
* rel-product [[rel-product-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* requirements testing [[requirements-testing|overview]], and [[requirements-testing-examples|examples]]
* [[rest-examples|REST examples]]
* resume [[resume-brainstorming|brainstorming]], and [[resume-formats|formats]]
* review [[review-examples|examples]], and [[review-formats|formats]] (yielded the [[hreview|hReview]] draft)
* search results [[search-results-example|example]]
* show [[show-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* showroll [[showroll-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* table [[table-examples|examples]]
* tagspeak [[tagspeak-examples|examples]]
* transit table [[transit-table-examples|examples]]
* [[uid]]
* widget [[widget-examples|examples]], and [[widget-brainstorming|brainstorming]]
* [[wiki-formats|wiki formats]]
* work of art [[work-of-art|overview]], [[workofart-examples|examples]], [[workofart-formats|formats]], and [[workofart-brainstorming|brainstorming]] {{NewMarker}}
*[[xmdp-brainstorming|XMDP brainstorming]] (see also [[xmdp-faq]])
== Examples ==
* [[examples]]
* [[zen-garden]]
== Tools & Test Cases & Additional Research ==
The first place to look for examples, code, and test cases is in the pages for each individual microformat. There are only a few cross-cutting tools and services that need to process more than one microformat. This section is intended for editors, parsers, validators, test cases, and other information relevant across multiple microformats.
*[ Source code repository]
*[[vcard-implementations]], [[vcard-errata]]
== shared work areas ==
* [[buttons]] {{NewMarker}}
* [[demo]] - a page with links for quickly demonstrating microformats working in practice.
* [[events]] {{NewMarker}}
* [[to-do]]
* [[user-interface]]
* [[marked-for-deletion]]
== microformats wiki in other languages ==
You may read and edit microformats articles in many other languages:
* languages with over 50 articles
** [[Main_Page-fr|Français (French)]] {{NewMarker-fr}}
* languages with over 2 articles
** [[Main_Page-ja|日本語 (Japanese)]]
** [[Main_Page-es|Español (Spanish)]]
* languages with 2 articles
** [[Main_Page-de|Deutsch (German)]]
==== microformats translations elsewhere ====
These are offsite pages/sites with translations about microformats.  If you are working on one of these, please consider translating the main microformats website!
* [ Deutsch (German)] {{NewMarker}}
=== Start a microformats wiki in another language ===
Don't see the language you want?  Help translate the microformats wiki into another language!
We're still figuring this out. 
For now, see the [ Wikipedia page on Multilingual coordination], and [ How to start a new Wikipedia] for some good general tips, advice, and community conventions.
You may want to start with the list of [[stable-pages]], which are pages that are relatively stable, and have only minimal/editorial changes, which makes them much easier to keep in sync with the English versions, by using the [[Special:Watchlist|my watchlist]] feature (use it to watch the pages you've translated for changes).
Page naming: for the translated version of a page, use the same name for the page, and simply add the RFC 3066 language identifier code as a dash suffix. E.g. for the French version, [[Main_Page]] becomes [[Main_Page-fr]], and [[how-to-play]] becomes [[how-to-play-fr]].
==== more languages folks want to see ====
* Chinese: 微格式 (Microformats) (see [ source of translation])

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