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Microformats Wiki

Welcome to the microformats wiki. There's a lot going on around here, but feel free to jump in and offer your assistance.

But First:

Please read how-to-play before making any edits.

Please read process before proposing any new microformats.


What are microformats? See the about page for an overview, and the introduction page for more info. Recent press and presentations are also a good place for some background reading as well.


Microformats open standards specifications (see also: implementations)


Design Patterns

Exploratory discussions

Tools & Test Cases

The first place to look for examples, code, and test cases is in the pages for each individual microformat. There are only a few cross-cutting tools and services that need to process more than one microformat. This section is intended for editors, parsers, validators, test cases, and other information relevant across multiple microformats.

shared work areas

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