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<entry-title>به ویکی microformats خوش آمدید!</entry-title>

لطفا با صفحه آشنایی با میکروفرمت ها شروع کنید و قبل از ویرایش صفحهHow to Play را بخوانید.


This wiki is the central resource of the microformats community. You'll find current versions of published microformat specifications, specification drafts and publishing patterns. The wiki also hosts development resources, such as brainstorming pages for new formats and issue tracking pages for all current and in-development microformats.


برای آغاز کار با microformatها:


میکروفرمت ها الگوهای اچ تی ام الی ای هستند که برای انتشار موضوع های مختلفی مانند people, events, blog posts, reviews و tags در صفحات وب استفاده می شوند.

Microformats enable the publishing of higher fidelity information on the Web; the fastest and simplest way to provide feeds and APIs for the information in your website.

چگونه مشارکت کنید

Do you want to help take microformats to the next level? شما می توانید:

This wiki has a number of enhancements to assist development and contributions to microformats. Before you start editing, see the wiki introduction page for instructions.


The list of current, stable Microformats open standard specifications.

If you're tempted to try your hand at writing a microformat please read the process page first!

پیش نویس ها

Drafts are newer microformats, for which the specifications haven't been completed yet. Drafts are somewhat mature in the development The microformats process (see Exploratory Discussions for additional efforts that are not as far along in the process). The stability of these documents cannot be guaranteed, and implementers should be prepared to keep abreast of future developments and changes. Please watch the wiki pages for updates.

الگوهای طراحی

Design patterns are common uses of markup across microformats.

Exploratory Discussions

See: Exploratory Discussions for details of research and analysis of real-world Best Practices for Examples Pages, existing formats, and brainstorming of possible new microformats, per the microformats The microformats process.

نمونه ها


See resources.

توسعه های کاربر محور

Shared work areas

ابزارها، نمونه های آزمایشی و تحقیقات دیگر

The first place to look for examples, code, and test cases is in the pages for each individual microformat. There are only a few cross-cutting tools and services that need to process more than one microformat. That section is intended for editors, Microformats Parsers, microformats validators, test cases, and other information relevant across multiple microformats.

ترجمه های ویکی میکروفرمت ها

You may read and edit microformats articles in many other languages:

نگاه کنید به List of microformats wiki translations، و how-to-start-a-new-translation.