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Is it possible to represent a user's communication preferences with markup?

Example Concepts

  • Facebook and other sites store your 'email contact preferences' in their database and periodically lose this information.
  • User:Tantek records communication preferences on a communication protocols page] on his personal site.

Use Cases

  • Could a communication protocols page be extended to indicate the kinds of information that should be communicated over different mechanisms?
  • Could a social network (e.g. Facebook) make your email comm settings publishable that other services could consume?
  • Could a web application parse that page to implement/sync default communication settings upon joining/using a service?

Further ponderance

  • Would you document 'types' of communication? Or include specific services?
    • ‘photographs’, ‘events’, ‘mentions of me’
    • ‘Flickr’, ‘Upcoming’, ‘Blogger’
    • Both? Use types alongside services and allow new services to take cues from preferences from an existing competitor?
      • Wordpress would take preferences from Blogger, etc.