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French speaking, non programmer, I just discovered MicroFormats via ChrisMessina during a pre-BarCamp session in Paris.

a first hCard on this wiki:

Christophe G. Ducamp

Site web Microformats-fr

103 rue Saint Denis
interphone 14
75001 Paris

mobile +336 03 96 04 92

Elsewhere (tests)

Goals For the moment :

  • some french translations
  • explore some uses on a dedicated wiki-branch
  • catch a better understanding of the perspective wiki-microformats
  • think different uses on web-communities
  • try to organize some french exchange in Paris
  • complete advocacy-fr :
    • help jamendo to implement microformats (... rel=tags: added on all the music tag links, rel=payment: added to all the donation links, hReview: added to all the reviews, hCalendar: added to all the concert pages...)
    • ...

List of pages translated (to be reviewed)

  • the list could be updated regularly on to-do-fr

Bonjour vous pouvez bavarder ou laisser un message ? / Hi leave me a message ?