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<div class="vcard">
  <span class="n">
     <a class="url" href="">
       <span class="given-name">Graham</span> 
       <span class="family-name">Todd</span> 
  <span class="nickname">gtodd</span>
  <a class="email" href="">
     <span class="type">pref</span>erred <span>email</span>
  <span class="org">Bellanet</span>
  <span class="adr">
     <abbr class="type" title="dom">Canada</abbr>
     <span class="type">work</span> address
     <abbr class="type" title="postal">mail</abbr> and
     <abbr class="type" title="parcel">shipments</abbr>:
     <span class="street-address">250 Albert</span>
     <span class="locality">Ottawa</span>
     <span class="postal-code">K1H 6H9</span>
     <span class="country-name">Canada</span>
  <span class="geo">
     <abbr class="latitude" title="48.816667">N 48° 120.6667</abbr>
     <abbr class="longitude" title="2.366667">E 2° 44.6667</abbr>
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