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(wiki problems: subheads for specifics)
(for site update to microformats2: update wiki skin to mf2)
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* get-started
* get-started
** update [[get-started]] with info from
** update [[get-started]] with info from
===== update wiki skin to mf2 =====
* update the microformats MediaWiki skin from using [[hAtom]] (e.g. 'hentry' class name) to [[h-entry]]
* update any other classic microformats markup in the skin to mf2
==== wiki problems ====
==== wiki problems ====

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Filtered and processed to-do items specifically for admins.

Only admins should edit this page with non-minor edits.

Please add to-do suggestions for admins to the general to-do page's Admins section. Thanks!

Items here may list who originally suggested the item on the to-do page.

Related: admin-how-to.



Per GTD, here are inbox items that seem reasonable and thus have been moved here by admins from the to-do page's Admins section.

Main site home page:

ex: Homepage with the right box implemented .

Wiki area suggestion:

To eliminate this problem, the 2nd page, in the <head> section of the source code, should contain the following line <link rel="canonical" href="" />. This will tell Search Engines that this page is a duplicate content, thus it won't be indexed.

This implementation should be done on all other duplicate content pages of the website.

Mirror server requests:

next actions and projects

Per GTD, here are processed next-actions for admins, grouped by area/project

web server



for site update to microformats2

update wiki skin to mf2


wiki problems

Problems with the microformats wiki that an admin needs to look at and resolve:

MediaWiki needs updating

MediaWiki needs updating

Version looks weird looks weird

Password reset page problems

Password reset page doesn't work:

wiki documentation

Need more documentation about how we have the wiki setup, so more admins are able to fix/update it.

wiki feature requests

spam fighting
semantic requests
misc requests


In the past there have been requests (e.g. on the lists) for an online forum for microformats discussions.

If there is an admin who's interested in helping run a forum (has the time to community manage it), take a look at:


Ongoing and as neeeded duties/tasks:

waiting for

Per GTD, here are next-actions for admins that are awaiting some external dependency.

Waiting-for: a decent OpenID user experience for the OpenID MediaWiki plugin, in order to:

someday maybe

Per GTD, here are parked and otherwise deemed low-priority next-actions and projects for admins.

someday actions

someday maybe projects

improved issue tracking

Issue tracking at is poor. The wiki is difficult to track, resolutions get lost. A proper bug tracking system is desirable: However, the adminstration overhead of our current infrastructure is too high for volunteers. Questionable whether maintain another custom install of something is the direct we want to move in.

  • I don't think this is worth pursuing - issue tracking systems are notoriously problematic, and at least with the wiki, editing/resolving many issues at once is far more efficient - and efficiency for microformats maintainers is an important priority since all this work is all-volunteer. Tantek 02:38, 10 September 2009 (UTC)
  • I think there are a few benefits to having a tracker. The primary one is simply to track proposals and have an easy platform for people to suggest new ones. That way there is a decent place for a high-level overview of what is going on. But, all of the suggested solutions suck. If it is to be done, we should investigate a custom built tracker for our needs. Garbee 00:43, 3 June 2013 (UTC)
Custom Install of Trac

Need to check permissions structures. Can the hCard editor have control over /hcard, but not over /haudio? Do we care?

Google Code

Chris Messina has ‘microformats’ on Google Code


Ben Ward has ‘microformats’ on Launchpad



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