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Attention Brainstorming

This page is for brainstorming about ideas, proposals, constraints, requirements for an Attention microformat.


  • Tim Brown
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Eric Hayes
  • Rohit Khare
  • Kevin Marks


Both Technorati and Attensa have implementation experience with Attention.XML and other attention formats.

Other Attention-like Things

Lessons Learned

  • Hierarchy in the format gets in the way more than it helps
  • Need to define a minimally useful subset for ease of implementation and interoperability
  • Need to "chunk" any sets of additional data

Goals / Requirements


  • Needs to be represent sparse (over time and source) data
  • "Blendable" - get an attention "chunk" every day from a source and be able to aggregate the chunks into one attention file.
  • Flat by default. Permit hierarchy but don't require it, and don't require parsing of a hierarchy (i.e. allow treating the attention as set of attention items).

Strawman Schema Thoughts

Each Attention Item contains

item info

  • item url (rss article url, etc)
  • parent context (feed or source site, )
  • attention date (article last read time)

implicit info

  • duration (attention duration, how long did i look at this page or article)
  • followed links (click through. could result in a next attention item)
  • read state

explicit info

  • voting
  • hReview
    • rating
    • tag
  • explicit read or unread state
  • date removed

Item Containers

  • .

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