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= attention formats discussion =
= Attention Formats =
NOTE: please do not edit this page for Attention.xml related discussions for the moment.  The text below is kept merely for historical purposes.
This page documents existing attention information formats.
Attention.xml is currently specified on the Technorati Developer's Wiki:
== Authors ==
* [http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/attentionxml Attention.xml specification].
Attention.xml discussions, thoughts, and ideas are currently developed also on the Technorati Developer's Wiki:
* Tim Brown
* [http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/AttentionXMLFAQ Attention.xml FAQ]
* Tantek Çelik
* [http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/AttentionXMLBrainstorming Attention.xml brainstorming]
* Eric Hayes
* [http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/AttentionXMLDiscussion Attention.xml discussion]
* Rohit Khare
* Kevin Marks
There are number of changes that need to be made to Attention.xml before it can be considered a microformat.  Until those changes are made, work will continue at the abovementioned pages.  Once the fixes have been made, the authors will likely contribute the Attention.xml specification and effort to microformats.org.  Thanks, [http://tantek.com/log/ Tantek] (editor, Attention.xml).
== Formats ==
=== Implicit Attention Formats ===
== Temporary Work ==
* history.html file from Netscape/IEMac browsers
The below text is temporary work/thoughts in progress.  It should be moved to the [http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/AttentionXMLBrainstorming Attention.xml brainstorming] page.  Thanks, [http://tantek.com/log/ Tantek]
=== Explicit Attention Formats ===
* favorites.html file from Netscape/IEMac browsers
== Initial Disclaimer ==
Although this spec-in-progress is well covered on [http://developers.technorati.com/wiki/attentionsml Technorati's open standards wiki], after discussion with Tantek at Gnomedex, I agree that it may well qualify as a Microformat, or rather a collection of Microformats.
It is not at all my intention to take any creadit where credit is othewise due! I will move over as much as needed to get discussion started, then if/when this the collective determines it ''should'' be a Microformat, all of the other attributes and history should be moved over (probably by Tantek)
== History ==
[http://www.attensa.com Attensa, Inc.] is currently using an attention stream to accomplish communication of attention data for both analysis and synchronization between client side components in realtime, and serverside systems in near-realtime.
We are currently in the process of creating and accepting Attention.XML as a shared generic context both client and server side.  My goal in the use of Attention.XML is to communicate all of the data required for a full featured sharing of the users current state, and action history.  It is important that I say this, so that my suggestions do not seem as an exercize in theory, rather real world needs.
== Editor ==
* [http://ehayes.typepad.com/ Eric Hayes], [http://www.attensa.com Attensa, Inc.]
== Introduction ==
I believe it possible to make up an Attention.XML Microformat, based on a number of new and existing Microformats (some of which are pointed out in the main [http://microformats.org/wiki/microformats Microformats wiki page]
== Existing Microformats ==
* [[XOXO]]
* [http://gmpg.org/xfn XFN]
* [[votelinks]]
* [[hcard|hCard]]
== Proposed Base Microformats ==
I hope it is not outside the standards desired for this workspace, but I am going to propose a collection of Microformats which could be used to build up Attention.XML as it exists to day, and add in a few pieces required to flush out the format.
=== Attention Data Microformat ===
I would like to have this single Attention Microformat available to both feeds and articles, and as I move forward with this initial strawman, I will see how they fit for both uses.
All elements are optional.
* Existing Elements
** '''lastread''' 
** '''duration'''
** '''followedlinks'''
** '''rel/votelink'''
** '''tags'''
* Proposed Additional Elements
** '''dateremoved''' ISO8601 datetime indicating when this article was marked as removed.
***Note: a duration of zero is valid, and should indicate the article was removed without reading.
** '''readstate''' read | unread. I indicating if this article is currently marked as read.  Note: a non-zero duration and a readstate of unread indicates the user has either read the article and specifically marked it as unread.
***It is possible that duration accumulation could come from the article being visible to the user, but not specifically marked as read. Discussion is needed here, as metrics on faulty duration values is a undesired.
** '''rating''' 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 or something like that. I believe that a good attention picture is gained by both implied and explicit interaction by the user. It is quite valuable to inspire users to interact, and ratings are a great way to accomplish this.
*** Q: could [[votelinks]] be made to support a rating as part of the vote?
=== Attention Article Microformat ===
All elements optional, unless called out
* Existing Elements
** '''title'''
** '''permalink/guid''' (required)
** '''type'''
** '''etag'''
** '''lastupdated'''
* Proposed Changed Element(s)
** '''Attention Data Microformat'''
=== Attention Subscription Microformat ===
All elements optional, unless called out
* Existing Elements
** '''title'''
** '''url''' (required)
** '''alturls'''
** '''etag'''
** '''lastupdated'''
** '''dateadded'''
** '''dateremoved'''
** '''userfeedttile'''
* Proposed New/Changed Elements
** '''Attention Data Microformat'''
I have quite a bit more to add. I should finish up Tuesday 6/28/05.  Please let me finish before we start the discussion.

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Attention Formats

This page documents existing attention information formats.


  • Tim Brown
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Eric Hayes
  • Rohit Khare
  • Kevin Marks


Implicit Attention Formats

  • history.html file from Netscape/IEMac browsers

Explicit Attention Formats

  • favorites.html file from Netscape/IEMac browsers