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       <th>hCard attribute</th>
       <th>hCard attribute</th>
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       <td colspan="3"><h3>Name</h3></td>
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Latest revision as of 16:25, 6 November 2007

Attribute Exchange Mapped to vCard

The purpose of this page is to map the attributes of Attribute Exchange (and SREG) to their vCard equivalents following a blog post by Chris Messina.

SREG / Attribute Exchange to hCard

Attribute SREG AX vCard
Nickname openid.sreg.nickname namePerson/friendly nickname
Full Name openid.sreg.fullname namePerson fn
Birthday openid.sreg.dob birthDate bday
Gender openid.sreg.gender gender gender
Email contact/email email
Postal Code openid.sreg.postcode contact/postalCode/home postal-code
Country contact/country/home country-name
Language openid.sreg.language pref/language --
Timezone openid.sreg.timezone pref/timezone tz

Attribute Exchange Types to hCard

Label AX attribute hCard attribute


Alias/Username namePerson/friendly nickname
Full name namePerson fn
Name prefix namePerson/prefix honorific-prefix
First name namePerson/first given-name
Last name namePerson/last family-name
Middle name namePerson/middle additional-name
Name suffix namePerson/suffix honorific-suffix


Company name company/name org
Job title company/title title or role

Date of Birth

Birth date birthDate bday
Birth year birthDate/birthYear --
Birth month birthDate/birthMonth --
Birth day birthDate/birthday --


Phone (preferred) contact/phone/default tel (<span class="type">pref</span>)
Phone (home) contact/phone/home tel (<span class="type">home</span>)
Phone (work) contact/phone/business tel (<span class="type">work</span>)
Phone (mobile) contact/phone/cell tel (<span class="type">cell</span>)
Phone (fax) contact/phone/fax tel (<span class="type">fax</span>)


Address contact/postalAddress/home adr.street-address
Address 2 contact/postalAddressAdditional/home adr.extended-address
City contact/city/home adr.locality
State/Province contact/state/home adr.region
Country contact/country/home
Postal code contact/postalCode/home adr.postal-code
Address contact/postalAddress/business adr.label:type=work.street-address
Address 2 contact/postalAddressAdditional/business adr.label:type=work.extended-address
City contact/city/business adr.label:type=work.locality
State/Province contact/state/business adr.label:type=work.region
Country contact/country/business
Postal code contact/postalCode/business adr.label:type=work.postal-code


Email contact/email email

Instant Messaging

AOL IM contact/IM/AIM url
ICQ IM contact/IM/ICQ url
MSN IM contact/IM/MSN url
Yahoo! IM contact/IM/Yahoo url
Jabber IM contact/IM/Jabber url
Skype IM contact/IM/Skype url

Web Sites

Web page contact/web/default url
Blog contact/web/blog url
LinkedIn URL contact/web/Linkedin url
Amazon URL contact/web/Amazon url
Flickr URL contact/web/Flickr url URL contact/web/Delicious url

Audio/Video Greetings

Spoken name media/spokenname sound
Audio greeting media/greeting/audio --
Video greeting media/greeting/video --


Image media/image/default logo or photo
Square image media/image/aspect11 logo or photo
4:3 aspect image media/image/aspect43 logo or photo
3:4 aspect image media/image/aspect34 logo or photo
Favicon image media/image/favicon logo or photo

Other Personal Details/Preferences

Gender person/gender Note
Language pref/language --
Time zone pref/timezone tz
Biography media/biography note