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Attribute Exchange Mapped to vCard

The purpose of this page is to map the attributes of Attribute Exchange (and SREG) to their vCard equivalents following a blog post by Chris Messina.

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Attribute SREG AX vCard
Nickname openid.sreg.nickname namePerson/friendly nickname
Full Name openid.sreg.fullname namePerson n (family-name, given-name) or fn
Birthday openid.sreg.dob birthDate bday
Gender openid.sreg.gender gender gender
Email contact/email email
Postal Code openid.sreg.postcode contact/postalCode/home postal-code
Country contact/country/home country-name
Language openid.sreg.language pref/language N/A
Timezone openid.sreg.timezone pref/timezone tz
Photo N/A media/image/default photo
Company N/A company/name org
Biography N/A media/biography note
URL N/A contact/web/default URL