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block list examples

Current real world block-list examples. Part of the effort to enable greater social-network-portability.


The following services have a block or ignore feature.


Flickr photo hosting community.

"block this user" link when viewing a user's profile.


MySpace social networking site.

block_1.gif (Block User) link when viewing a user's profile.


Twitter simple updates community.

"block ((username))" link when viewing a user's profile, just under their friends list.



Verbs or actions in user interfaces that implement blocking/ignoring.

  • "/ignore" is the IRC command to block messages from a nickname on a server in all channels.
  • "block" is used by Flickr, MySpace and Twitter
  • "Remove block?" is used by Flickr on your block list page.
    • on the profile page of a person that is block it says: "You're blocking ((username)). Undo?" where "Undo" is hyperlinked to a page that confirms the unblock.
  • "unblock" is used by Twitter.


Nouns used in link text, URLs etc. in user interfaces that implement blocking/ignoring.

  • "block list" is used by Flickr in the "Your Block List" hyperlink to the list of people you have blocked, see the bottom of your user contacts page, i.e. where username is your "pretty URL" username on Flickr.

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