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=== Editors ===
=== Editors ===
* [http://bs-markup.de Björn Seibert]
* [http://bs-markup.de Bj
* [http://rbach.priv.at/ Robert Bachmann]
* [http://tantek.com/ Tantek Çelik]
=== Authors ===
* [http://bs-markup.de Björn Seibert]
* [http://rbach.priv.at/ Robert Bachmann]
* [http://tantek.com/ Tantek Çelik]
=== Contributors ===
* [http://maetl.coretxt.net.nz Mark Rickerby]
== Purpose ==
A microformat to describe the contents of a (we)blog. It provides a specific set of information to categorize a (we)blog. Enables easier search for humans and efficient collection of information by machines.
Here are some of examples for information that might be provided:
* Details about the blog
* Blog name (e.g: "John Doe's Blog")
** Blog URI (e.g: http://example.org/ )
** Lanuage used for the blog, read-able by machines (e.g: "en-US" or "de")
** Topics covered by the blog
** A short description
** Available feeds (RSS, Atom, etc.)
** A small logo image
* Details about the author(s)
** Name (e.g: "John Doe")
** Organisation
** Contact details
** Geographical Location
== Existing practice ==
=== Blog Posts ===
Moved to [http://microformats.org/wiki/blog-post-examples#Rough_Examples blog-post-examples].
=== Blog description ===
Moved to [[blog-description-examples]].
== See also ==
* [[blog-description-format-brainstorming]] for examples on how things ''could'' be done.

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