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This page lists books which provide description and documentation of microformats. Most recent first, grouped by year.


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The Truth Behind Rehabilitation Drug addiction is one of the prominent iconic symbols and a pressing predicament that perpetually induces grave problems on the 21st century society. It is true that despite numerous efforts by the government and various independent social institutions, apparent and significant drug abuse-related problems continue to linger on within the crevices of modern society. One potent and already feasible solution to this on-going problem is placing drug-dependent individuals on a rehab program. However, it must be stressed that complete rehabilitation that aims to rid an individual from any signs of drug craving is extremely a complex process.

Small Facts on Heroin

A plethora of various illegal substances have been bombarding society for the past decade. However, the most common or typically used illegal drug substance which is the culprit behind most drug addiction cases comes in the form of heroin.

Also known in the streets and dark alleys as Crank, Smack, Junk, and H, heroin is made from morphine, which is an innate substance in the seedpod of the Asian poppy plant. This drug typically appears as a brown or white powder which can be intravenously injected, snorted, or smoked. Major known health risks include heart infections, HIV/AIDS from needle-sharing, hepatitis, miscarriages for pregnant women, and even death from overdose. Constant intake of Heroin can also lead to tolerance. This simply means that heroin users, in due time, will require increasing dosage of this drug to achieve its intended effect on the body. This, in turn, will lead to serious drug dependence which ultimately leads to an insatiable addiction.

The Essentials of Rehab

The first and also the very crucial factor of making a drug rehabilitation successful is the individual's firm commitment and strict compliance with the rehab's pre-designed program. This individual's sincere "will" to submit himself/herself to the program is only a quarter of the essential necessities in successfully overcoming drug addiction. In addition to this firm will and determination, an adequate dose of medical or in some cases psychological treatment, must be administered to compliment the individual's endeavor to successfully kick drugs out of his/her system. Lastly, each individual has his or her own respective reasons for resorting to drug abuse; however, no matter what the reason may be, it has been pointed out that family and friends or any from of confidant plays a very crucial role in aiding this individual to succeed in his/her drug rehab endeavors.


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