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  • Hacking RSS and Atom by Leslie M. Orchard
    • The last chapter has a nice section on both publishing and consuming hCalendar events in either a feed or as part of a page. Les has implemented various microformats (hCalendar entry form as a greasemonkey script, XOXO dynamic editing).
    • You can find source code for the hCalendar scripts from my book at my site. Look for the files starting with ch18. Buy the book if you like it! LesOrchard 20:11, 25 Mar 2006 (PST)
  • Web Design In A Nutshell, Third Edition by Jennifer Niederst Robbins. 重要: THIRD EDITIONにしか掲載されていません!
    • Provides an excellent modern standards based foundation for web design that is ideal for understanding microformats, その上、microformats導入のための章があります。
    • (oreilly.comにある)Web Design in a Nutshell, Third Editionも見てください。