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(added Mosembro mobile browser for Android)
(note that FF3 requires Operator to see a UI for microformats)
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== built in ==
== built in ==
* [[Firefox]] 3
* [[Firefox]] 3 - has built in support for parsing microformats and exposing them in the DOM.
** Install the [[Operator]] toolbar extension to see a [[user-interface]].
== with plugins ==
== with plugins ==

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The following web browsers have either built-in support for microformats, or can be extended with plugins etc. for support:

built in

with plugins


  • Mosembro for Android - see http://lexandera.com/mosembro/ for video and download
    • supports hCard detection and integration with built-in Android Maps application
    • support hCalendar detection and integration with built-in Google Calendar

with favelets

See bookmarklets to get the favelets themselves.

see also