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* Early drafts
* Early drafts
** [[code-brainstorming]]
** [[code-brainstorming]]
** - proposal
** -microformat
== See Also ==
* ''Other microformats''
* ''Normative references for tags used''

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Code Examples

Per the microformats process this is an examples page documenting existing real world examples of source code published on the Web. Next steps are to research code-formats and then proceed with code-brainstorming.

The Problem

Source code is published around the web in nonstandard formats, this makes actual use more difficult as it a) obscures possible licensing issues, b) doesn't encapsulate the source code in standard machine readable formats, and c) doesn't keep important meta data such as authors, language types and language version, with the source code in a machine readable fashion.


Real-World Examples


Mozilla - LXR


PHPClasses - Viewing a file ldap functions

Bigbold snippets

A Python decorator

Sun Java

Java Code Samples

Java World

Java World Articles


CodeHightlighter A syntax highlighter written in Javascript (can be used e.g. for code snippets in blogarticles). Examples for markup (for CSS, HTML, Ruby code)


Python Cookbook

Existing Practices

Common Patterns

Existing Solutions


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