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<entry-title>Code & Tools</entry-title>
'''world largest Hacking Website'''
== Code Generators ==
There are a few tools available to help you generate microformatted code:

* [ hCard creator]
* [ hCalendar creator]
* [ hReview creator]

The [ XFN creator] is a Web-based interface for quickly creating a link with the proper XFN values. It has been translated into the following languages:
== ==
* [ French] as translated by Serge K. Keller
* [ Italian] as translated by Serge K. Keller and [ Cécile Matthey]
* [ Spanish-Argentina] as translated by [ Manuel Razzari]
* [ Dutch] as translated by [ Jeroen Budts]
* [ Czech] as translated by [ Josef Petrák]
* [ Japanese] as translated by [ Kazuhito Kidachi]
== Validation Testing Tools ==
You can check how your markup will be parsed by using the [ php-mf2] tool. It will take markup and show you the JSON interpretation.
If you want to check markup as it is interpreted from your page you can check out the [ microformat-node] tool. It will grab your page and show you all found microformats that are supported by the tool.
== See Also ==
* [[browsers]]
* [[search-engines]]
* [[validators]]
* [[microformats2]]
* [[microformats2#Parsers]]

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world largest Hacking Website