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Brainstorming for a Comment Microformat

This is a brainstorm for commentmicroformat. Examples of a comment can be found here comment-examples


Discovered Elements

Based on the analysis of 25 real world examples, the results can be found at the Comment section

The following properties occur most regularly across all examples (92% or more)

  • author (name)100%
  • comment (text) 100%
  • published (date) 100%
  • author-url (href) 92%

Other achievable elements

  • comment-link (a permalink) 40%


If we can indicate that the hAtom entries are also comments, we could add an indicator beside hAtom.

<div class="hfeed hcomment">

hAtom pattern goes here.


Alternatively, we could add hcomment with hentry to indicate that the following hentry can be treated also as a comment.

<div class="hentry hcomment">

hEntry pattern goes here.


--Sarven Capadisli 11:59, 25 Sep 2008 (PDT)

  • If an hfeed is embedded in an hEntry, that could be enough context to show "these items are replies to the one they're embedded in" singpolyma 12:20, 25 Sep 2008 (PDT)