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Expression Engine

Expression Engine includes many additional comments templates tags. This list excludes the following tags: tags used to display user data (instant message handles, location, occupation, etc.), tags which are used for navigation within EE-based blogs or websites, tags which deal with comment presentation (alternating background colors between comments), and custom member tags (which are defined by individual sites.)


Real world Examples

The following urls are examples of user/visitor comments primarily about media, but are all in the context of a blog post or article.


25 examples

Other properties occuring less than 10%

Selected Examples

Blogspot #1

<dl id='comments-block'>
    <!-- comment #1 -->
    <dt class='comment-author blogger-comment-icon' id='c113756252571588387'>
        <a name='c113756252571588387'></a>
        <a href='...' rel='nofollow'>french/new/wave/nerd</a> said...
    <dd class='comment-body'>
        <p>that was tasty.<BR/><BR/>-taxiplasm</p>
    <dd class='comment-footer'>
        <span class='comment-timestamp'>
            <a href='...' title='comment permalink'>9:35 PM</a>

    <!-- comment #2 -->
    <dt class='comment-author blogger-comment-icon' id='c113756977236111956'>
        <a name='c113756977236111956'></a>
        <a href='...' rel='nofollow'>JuanFalla</a> said...
    </dt>    <dd class='comment-body'>
        <p>I wish i had your music ability. nice...</p>
    <dd class='comment-footer'>
        <span class='comment-timestamp'>
            <a href='...' title='comment permalink'>11:36 PM</a>

MovableType #1

<div class="comments-head">
    <a name="comments"></a>
<div class="comments-body">
    <p>Is it right that this video ....</p>
    <span class="comments-post">
        Posted by: <a href="...">Marco Bakera</a>
        at November  8, 2005 08:34 AM
<div class="comments-body">
    <p>In the right column you find the ....</p>
    <p>Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike...</p>
    <span class="comments-post">
        Posted by: <a href="...">fALk</a>
        at November 30, 2005 12:12 PM

Wordpress #1

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