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    • comment_ID
    • comment_author
    • comment_author_IP
    • comment_author_email
    • comment_author_link
    • comment_type
    • comment_text
    • comment_excerpt
    • comment_date
    • comment_time


    • body
    • date
    • name
    • location
    • url
    • email
    • profile_link
    • member_total_comments

Expression Engine

    • {author_id}
    • {comment}
    • {comment_id}
    • {ip_address}
    • {name}
    • {permalink}
    • {url}
    • {url_or_email}

Expression Engine includes many additional comments templates tags. This list excludes the following tags: tags used to display user data (instant message handles, location, occupation, etc.), tags which are used for navigation within EE-based blogs or websites, tags which deal with comment presentation (alternating background colors between comments), and custom member tags (which are defined by individual sites.)


    • $comment->new
    • $comment->subject
    • $comment->cid
    • $comment->nid
    • $comment->timestamp
    • $submitted
    • $comment
    • $picture
    • $content
    • $links

Real world Examples

The following urls are examples of user/visitor comments primarily about media, but are all in the context of a blog post or article.

    • Information displayed: author, author-url, comment, published, comments-link
    • This page does not contain any comments - just a link to another page which has comments on. This should probably not be included in the tally.
      • Updated example to one that works.
    • Information displayed: comment, software-used, published, permalink, in-reply-to-link, pagination-links


25 examples

  • comment 100%
  • author 96%
  • published 96%
  • author-url 84%
  • permalink 60%
  • pagination-links 24%
  • inset-threaded-replies 20%
  • author-image 16%
  • in-reply-to-link 16%
  • reply-link 16%
  • vote 16%
  • junk-report-link 8%
  • reply-url 8%
  • rating 4%
  • software-used 4%
  • title 4%

Selected Examples

Blogspot #1

  • issue: DL lists only allow DT/DD children; how do we do hAtom?
    • The first step in realising the solution is to create a separate <dl> element for each individual comment.
      • The next step is to realise that these elements have been chosen poorly to being with. Each of the wrapping <dl> elements should be <div>s; the <dt> elements should probably be <address>; the comments themselves perhaps <blockquote> and the footers <div>.
<dl id='comments-block'>
    <!-- comment #1 -->
    <dt class='comment-author blogger-comment-icon' id='c113756252571588387'>
        <a name='c113756252571588387'></a>
        <a href='...' rel='nofollow'>french/new/wave/nerd</a> said...
    <dd class='comment-body'>
        <p>that was tasty.<BR/><BR/>-taxiplasm</p>
    <dd class='comment-footer'>
        <span class='comment-timestamp'>
            <a href='...' title='comment permalink'>9:35 PM</a>

    <!-- comment #2 -->
    <dt class='comment-author blogger-comment-icon' id='c113756977236111956'>
        <a name='c113756977236111956'></a>
        <a href='...' rel='nofollow'>JuanFalla</a> said...
    </dt>    <dd class='comment-body'>
        <p>I wish i had your music ability. nice...</p>
    <dd class='comment-footer'>
        <span class='comment-timestamp'>
            <a href='...' title='comment permalink'>11:36 PM</a>

MovableType #1

<div class="comments-head">
    <a name="comments"></a>
<div class="comments-body">
    <p>Is it right that this video ....</p>
    <span class="comments-post">
        Posted by: <a href="...">Marco Bakera</a>
        at November  8, 2005 08:34 AM
<div class="comments-body">
    <p>In the right column you find the ....</p>
    <p>Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike...</p>
    <span class="comments-post">
        Posted by: <a href="...">fALk</a>
        at November 30, 2005 12:12 PM

Wordpress #1

<h3 id="comments">
<ol class="commentlist">
    <!-- comment #1 -->
    <li class="alt" id="comment-3779">
        <cite>a fan</cite> Says:
        <br />
        <small class="commentmetadata">
            <a href="#comment-3779" title="">October 17th, 2006 at 7:42 pm</a> 
        <p>Sounds like a it’ll be good...  </p>
    <!-- comment #2 -->
    <li class="" id="comment-3979">
        <cite><a href='...' rel='external nofollow'>chase</a></cite> Says:
        <br />
        <small class="commentmetadata">
            <a href="#comment-3979" title="">October 21st, 2006 at 5:25 pm</a>
        <p>hurry, hurry, hurry …</p>

Video site #1

<ul class="comments" id="comments_162754">
    <!-- comment #1 -->
    <li class="parent first">
        <a name="comment_120581"></a>
        <img src="..." alt="" class="portrait" />
        <div class="rightside">
        <div class="name">
            <a href="/videowombat">FuzzyDave</a>
            2 years ago
        <div class="text">
            Another great short...
        <div class="clear"></div>

    <!-- comment #2 -->
    <li class="reply">
        <a name="comment_120724"></a>
        <img src="..." alt="" class="portrait" />
        <div class="rightside">
            <div class="name">
                <a href="/joshflowers">JoshFlowers</a>
                2 years ago
            <div class="text">
                Odd, I just suggested ...
        <div class="clear"></div>

Video site #2