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* [[tests]]
* [[tests]]
* [[test-suite]]
* [[test-suite]]
* [[validators]]

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Conformance checkers, validators, linting tools and debuggers.


general microformats tools


Main article: Optimus

Optimus is a microformats transformer and validator that supports numerous microformats including hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hAtom (note: hAtom validation issues).

Get the Optimus microformats validator favelet. Blog post: validator browser button.

Please add issues to the optimus-issues page.

Operator Debugger

Main article: Operator

Operator does a good job of compliant parsing for microformats in general, and includes a debug mode that can help identify errors in the object structure.


Rel-Lint provides linting and inspection of rel-tag and XFN (by Drew McLellan)

Rails assert microformats

microformats specific tools




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