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hDirectory Proposal

This proposal is premature and fails to follow the microformats The microformats process.

Please see and use existing microformats, e.g. rel-directory, hListing draft (the combination of which appears to completely handle the use cases), before making new proposals.

Tantek 20:58, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

hDirectory is a proposal for an open, distributed directory (UK English: link directory; classifieds) format suitable for embedding in (X)HTML. hDirectory is based on hListing draft and would be one of several microformats open standards.

Draft Proposal 2008-11-20





Will be adding the details soon currentlly its on my website as a post. hDirectory Microformat Idea

The Problem

While there are dozens of formats used on thousands of web directories, there is no single standardised format for presentation of web directory listings. Having a standardised directory listing format will significantly benefit readers, aggregators, search engines, automations and researchers alike.

Thoughts on a Microformat for News

I found substantial base of attributes and fields with hListing draft, and simplified an initial effort at a data format for directory listing using fields already in hListing draft, the focus of this format is to add the required fields enabling you to create a meaningful Web Directory format.

The difference from the hListing draft is the purpose of the implementation and the core difference in the item properties and purpose, a Directory listing is an item with no associated price nor an expiry date, the ability to get the summery of the item in a condense format is one of the key parts of the listing.

The fields selected are a combination of the common fields from many of the Web Directory formats currently in use, and the introduction of new fields, TBD.

Common Directory Listing Fields



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