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(removed point about multilingual/dialect keywords (maintaining both is unnecessary load on authors, simply search for canonical en-US spellings), and theoretical/forward-projection tags point.)
(start an FAQ to capture points made in www-style thread on "color" keyword)
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* URLs
* URLs
* user pages
* user pages
== FAQ ==
See [[en-us-faq]].
==To do==
==To do==

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en-US means U.S. English.

The microformats wiki re-uses the W3C Manual of Style Spelling Editorial Guideline and thus uses U.S. English for page names, and contents of English-language pages, although British-English spellings MUST be preserved if originally used in:

  • proper nouns
  • direct quotations
  • transcribed audio, where the speaker is known to use British-English
  • URLs
  • user pages


See en-US FAQ.

To do

You can help to implement this policy.


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