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Error Message Examples



Examples of error messages published as chunks of readable (X)HTML by Web applications.

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Note that many of these examples are failed logins; they're just the easiest kind of error to generate.

<div class="errorbox">
   <h2>Login error:</h2>
   Incorrect password or confirmation code entered. Please try again.
  • WordPress, failed to enter required fields in comment
<p>Error: please fill the required fields (name, email).</p>
  • PayPal , trying to send negative dollars.
<div class="messageBox error">
 <p>Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.</p>
 <ul><li>Please enter an amount greater than zero.</li></ul>
<div class="errormsg" id="errormsg_0_Passwd">
 Username and password do not match. (You provided XXXXXXXXXX)
<p class="error">Sorry, the member name and password
 you entered do not match. Please try again.</p>
<div class="yregertxt"><strong>Invalid ID or password.</strong><br> Please try again.</div>

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