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Soonest first:
Soonest first:
*<span class="vevent"><span class="dtstart">2007-10-05</span>: <span class="summary">[[events/2007-10-05-fundamentos-web-microformats-workshop|Fundamentos Web: Microformats Workshop]] at <span class="url">http://www.fundamentosweb.org/2007/Programa/Dia3/</span></span>
* …
* …

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Microformats related events

Please add any microformats related events (specifically, events where there will be talks on microformats) you find here, and we'll add them to the hCalendar on the home page.

Create a page using the events template for each specific event, where you can list URLs for the event, event details (what, when, where including country, who), create an "Attending" section, recommended tags, link to photos afterwards, etc.

If you can (or can ask the organizers to kindly-) use microformats (especially hCalendar 1.0 and hCard 1.0) on the event's web pages for the schedule/sessions and speakers/venues respectively, so much the better!

See also the Upcoming events list on the home page, as well as subscribe to them in Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird with this URL: webcal://feeds.technorati.com/events/microformats.org and add upcoming events to your diary or calendar program microformat_hcalendar.png

There is a separate wiki page for details of presentations.


Events in progress.


Soonest first:


Most recent first:


  • 2007-10-03 - 2007-10-05: Future Of Web AppsLondon, England
    • Session: "Practical Semantic Web" by Jon Aizen & Eran Shir of Dapper included microformats [1]


  • 2007-09-06T17:30-0400: Meetup on Microformats (http://webstandards.meetup.com/122/calendar/6116740/) — Short introduction to microformats by Catherine Devlin, at the Web Standards Meetup Group, Panera Bread, 1203 Brown Street Dayton, Ohio OH 45409, USA (Ccoordinates: 39.7420;-84.1823).



For events earlier in 2007, see events-2007


For events in 2006, see events-2006

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