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Template for events

You can cut & paste the following for Microformats events pages. Delete any unwanted sections, and remove comment mark-up from those you wish to use at latter stage.:

One of several microformats [[events]].

== details ==
<div class="vevent">
:<span class="dtstart">2007-mm-dd</span>–<span class=dtend>2007-mm-dd</span>
:<span class="location">xxxVenuexxx</span>
:<span class="summary">xxxxx</span>
:[xxxUrlxxx xxxNamexxx]
:<span class="url"></span>

'''[ Add this event to your diary or calendar program]'''

== tags ==
Please use ''all'' of the following tags when tagging related content (blog posts, photos):

tags: '''microformats xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx'''

== attendees ==
Add yourself alphabetically sorted by last name if you attended.

*[xxxUrlxxx xxxNamexxx]
* ~~~
* ...

== photographs ==
Please use ''all'' of the following tags when tagging photos published related to xxxTitlexxx:

tags: '''microformats xxx xxx'''

* ...

== notes ==
Session comments and Q&A.
* ...

== articles and blog posts ==
Articles and blog posts following up on the meetup. Newest first.

Please use ''all'' of the following tags when tagging blog posts published related to xxxTitlesxxx:

tags: '''microformats xxx xxx'''

* ...

== see also ==
* [[xxxWikilinkxxx]] 

== related pages==

Return to microformats [[events]].

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