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(Microformateers in attendance)
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*[[User:Brian|Brian Suda]]
*[[User:Brian|Brian Suda]]
*[[User:Ben Ward|Ben Ward]]
*[[User:Ben Ward|Ben Ward]]
*[[User:Adactio|Jeremy Keith]]
== Proposed sessions ==
== Proposed sessions ==

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Microformats at BarCampLondon

One of several microformats events.



BarCampLondon is the 2nd UK BarCamp event.

It will be held at the BT Centre in London on Saturday 17th February (9am) - Sunday 18th February (5pm), 2007

"What is BarCampLondon2? Think of it as a way to get the tech/geek community together in London. What will happen during the event? Only one thing is certain: It's up to you to decide. The most important thing you should take away from the event? Relationships with other geeks!"

Microformateers in attendance

Proposed sessions


Session Comments and Q&A


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