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portable social networks meetup amsterdam

One of several microformats related Microformats events.


Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a meet during the PICNIC conference. (Coordinates: 52.3864;4.8717)
An open brainstorm session to think about how social networks can be made portable. Ultimately, the goal is to give users total control of their virtual identity across numerous social networks, using existing standards like hCard, XFN - The XHTML Friends Network and OpenId.

See also the PICNIC site:

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Video roundup of the event


  • Robert Gaal (Wakoopa)
  • Yme Bosma (Hyves)
  • Marc Canter (PeopleAggregator)
  • Dick Hardt (Sxip)
  • Raymond Spanjaar (Hyves)
  • Jyri Engestrom (Jaiku)
  • Ralph Meijer (Jaiku)
  • ...?

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