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* [[User:Tonystubblebine|Tony Stubblebine]]
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<entry-title> 4th birthday party!</entry-title>

Celebrate the 4th birthday of! One of several microformats events.

If you'd like to help out with or attend the party, please add your name below.

RSVP required for venue capacity tracking.


2009-06-26 aT 19:00:00 to 2009-06-26 aT 22:00:00
B Restaurant and Bar, 720 Howard Street, Yerba Buena Upper Terrace, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA
What 4th birthday party!
Donation requested at the door: sliding scale $5-$20.

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Please sign up to sponsor the 4th birthday party!


This section is for organizing a party for the upcoming 4th birthday of

I'm donating my time before the event to help plan and make the party happen!

We need:

  • a volunteer coordinator. someone to coordinate the volunteers listed below.
  • stickers - Lauren is on it
    • 500 rounded square 2" stickers w/logo on black background have come in the mail
  • tshirts - Ben is on it


Sign up to be a volunteer! We need volunteers to check people in at the door, take donations, hand out stickers, t-shirts etc.

  • Richard Ault - Checking names and taking donations for at least first hour. Need to find money box. Also need more volunteers to do same.
  • ...


  • Donation requested at the door: sliding scale $5-$20. $10 or more gets you a t-shirt (may have to order them on demand and hand out at the next dinner depending on whether t-shirts arrive or not).
  • Donations go towards the party and microformatsDevCamp this summer.
  • Spinn3r would be willing to donate/sponsor some...


I'm going to show up and help celebrate so I'm signing up here with my name linked to my user page (or personal web site).

  1. Tantek Çelik
  2. Kevin Marks
  3. Ben Ward
  4. Lauren Scime
  5. Jeremy Anderson
  6. Richard Ault
  7. Kevin Burton of Spinn3r - I will be by for an hour or so... Spinn3r's 3.0 launch dinn3r is that evening too.
  8. Singpolyma
  9. Brynn Evans
  10. Chris Messina
  11. Liz Dunn
  12. Monica Keller
  13. ...


I'd love to be there but can't. Happy 4th birthday from afar!


  • B Restaurant and Bar - June 26th, 2009 at 7pm
    • Will have hors d'oeuvres and about 50-60 drink tix to hand out to people at the door. Attendees can buy drinks at cash bar after drink tix are used.


  • 2009-06-26 Friday

Promotional Graphics

  • Note: If you are DYING to have a different size than the ones up here I can either send you the photoshop file or make you a custom one - Just send a request to or find pseudowish on the IRC

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