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This page is for organizing a party for the upcoming 4th birthday of One of several microformats Microformats events.

If you'd like to help out, please add your name!


Please sign up to sponsor the 4th birthday party!


I'm donating my time before the event to help plan and make the party happen!

  • Tantek Çelik - coordinating
  • Rohit Khare - venue, sponsors
  • Kevin Marks - venue, sponsors
  • Ben Ward - tshirts, sponsors
    • contact Dan Cederholm re: current/previous design and vendor used
  • Lauren Scime - design / venue / sponsors / publicity?
    • party graphics - Main Upcoming graphic, badges/banners to put on your blog, other print collateral such as stickers & possibly buttons??? Other suggestions for graphics/collateral?
    • possibly redesign the "Microformats Cheat Sheet" - either for party or at least by MicroformatsDevCamp, also will communicate with venue, sponsors
  • Jeremy Anderson - will be assisting Lauren w/ above.

We need:

  • a volunteer coordinator. someone to coordinate the volunteers listed below.
  • stickers - Lauren is on it - Moo is not able to ship in time for the weekend of the 26th (they won't even leave their warehouse until that date). Might order anyway for MicroformatsDevCamp now, but if we want stickers for the weekend of the 26th we'll have to go with a us printer. There are other options I'm looking in to now but multicolor packets may not be an option - boo!). Will get back with other quotes.
    • I ordered 500 rounded corner 2"x2" stickers with a black background at 4over4 printing. Will have them by next Thursday! Whoo hoo! So we're set on that!
  • tshirts - Ben is on it


Sign up to be a volunteer! We need volunteers to check people in at the door, take donations, hand out stickers, t-shirts etc.

  • ...


Some thoughts on donations:

  • take donations at the door, sliding scale $5-$20. $10 or more gets you a t-shirt.
  • donations go towards the party and microformatsDevCamp this summer.


I want to show up and help celebrate so I'm signing up here and stating what dates work for me:

  • ...


  • B Restaurant and Bar - June 26th, 2009 at 7pm
    • Will have hoers devours and about 50-60 drink tix to hand out to people at the door. Attendees can buy drinks at cash bar after drink tix are used.


  • 2009-06-26 Friday

Design/Publicity Concepts

4 Year B-day Logo Idea

  • Dan Cederholm (original logo designer) said he likes this logo for the event. Thinks it identifies well with users who are familiar with Microformats (which is our target market for this particular event - people who are supporters of microformats or at least are familiar with it). Jeremy and I think this could be a good spin on the logo that would entice our supporters to come out and support. Dan & I both agree that the real logo should be somewhere on the internet promo buttons though. I still think the print collateral for the event (tshirts & stickers) should have the original logo on it & not this variation. Thoughts?
    • both use the 4's logo variation concept in tandem with the real logo (so it's apparent that we're not changing the actual mf logo). These are just sample little embeddable graphics that we could have various sizes of for users to download and put on their websites/blogs. Could make little code snippits to put in websites too that have a downloadable vcalendar when they click.
    • can we add the Sponsors' Logos to the invitations please