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We need:
We need:
* a volunteer coordinator. someone to coordinate the volunteers listed below.
* a volunteer coordinator. someone to coordinate the volunteers listed below.
* [[stickers]] - Lauren is on it
* [[stickers]] - Lauren is on it - Moo is not able to ship in time for the weekend of the 26th (they won't even leave their warehouse until that date). Might order anyway for MicroformatsDevCamp now, but if we want stickers for the weekend of the 26th we'll have to go with a us printer. There are other options I'm looking in to now but multicolor packets may not be an option - boo!). Will get back with other quotes.
* tshirts - Ben is on it
* tshirts - Ben is on it

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This page is for organizing a party for the upcoming 4th birthday of One of several microformats events.

If you'd like to help out, please add your name!



Please sign up to sponsor the 4th birthday party!


I'm donating my time before the event to help plan and make the party happen!

We need:


Sign up to be a volunteer! We need volunteers to check people in at the door, take donations, hand out stickers, t-shirts etc.


Some thoughts on donations:


I want to show up and help celebrate so I'm signing up here and stating what dates work for me:


There are several possibilities for venue, let's figure out what makes the most sense:


Possible dates (please add opinions/+s/-s as nested list items


Design/Publicity Concepts

4 Year B-day Logo Idea

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