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* [[User:EdwardOConnor |Edward O'Connor]]
* [[User:EdwardOConnor |Edward O'Connor]]
* [[User:Rohit|Rohit Khare]]
* [[User:Rohit|Rohit Khare]]
* [[User:Pseudowish|Lauren Scime]]
* ...
* ...

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One of several microformats Microformats events.

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  • 2009-07-18..19 til 5pm: microformatsDevCamp at San Francisco, CA. The first ever microformatsDevCamp, for authors, designers, publishers, developers, engineers building pages, sites, and tools with microformats http://tbd.example.com


Want to help organize and plan the first microformatsDevCamp? Sign up!


Like all BarCamps, this event is what it is because of what everyone puts into it. Volunteer to help setup, check people in, clean up, and help people in general have a good time and get things done.

  • ...


Not sure what is going on but want to build stuff with microformats and want help doing it? Sign up!

  • ...