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* [http://search.twitter.com/search?q=ufdevcamp #ufdevcamp on Twitter Search].
* [http://search.twitter.com/search?q=ufdevcamp #ufdevcamp on Twitter Search].
* [http://identi.ca/tag/ufdevcamp #ufdevcamp] tagspace on identi.ca.
* [http://identi.ca/tag/ufdevcamp #ufdevcamp] tagspace on identi.ca.
== groups ==
Join and address to the whole group:
* [http://identi.ca/group/microformats !microformats] (aliases: !mf and !uf) group on identi.ca. Notices to this group can also be tracked from [http://identi.ca/tag/microformats #microformats]
== attendees ==
== attendees ==

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One of several microformats events.



2009-07-25 from 12:00 to 2009-07-26 at 17:00
San Francisco, CA
microformatsDevCamp! The first ever microformatsDevCamp, for authors, designers, publishers, developers, engineers building pages, sites, and tools with microformats.

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Please use all of the following tags when tagging related content (blog posts, photos):

tags: #ufdevcamp ufdevcampsf microformats microformatsDevCamp microformatsDevCampSF microformats-meetup BarCamp BarCamp2009 san-francisco upcoming:event=2888376



Join and address to the whole group:



Want to help organize and plan the first microformatsDevCamp? Sign up and be sure to pick up a planner role (see below).

  • Tantek Çelik - organizing, venue acquisition
  • Rohit Khare - venue acquisition
  • Chris Messina - intro and kickoff- run the introductory session and help start the microformatsDevCamp with traditional BarCamp intros/3tags and explanation of the BarCamp format.
  • Edward O'Connor (Ted) - volunteer coordinator, cleanup
  • Lauren Scime
  • ...

Please see the #planner_to_do section!

planner roles

We need the following roles and responsibilities to be picked up by planners!

  • sponsors - for food, t-shirts
  • t-shirts (get estimate, make sure to order in time for the event, I think Ben Ward may be working on this - check with him)
  • food - coordinate / match up sponsors with meals and make sure the meals arrive and are setup for the attendees
  • setup - be in charge of setup the day of, coordinate with venue on setup plenty of time *before* the start of the camp! setup: power cords, power strips, calendar grid for sessions, tables and chairs in rooms/meeting areas, projectors
  • volunteer coordinator - recruit and organize volunteers the day of the event to help out with food, setup
  • cleanup - enlist help of volunteers and all devCamp participants to help with cleanup

If you're a planner, please pick up and move one or more of these roles/responsibilities to your name above. Thanks!


Like all BarCamps, this event is what it is because of what everyone puts into it. Volunteer to help setup, check people in, get them setup with a name badge, clean up, and help people in general have a good time and get things done.

  • Cindy Li - microformatsDevCamp logo design
  • ...


Not sure what is going on but want to design interfaces and or build stuff with microformats and want help doing it? Sign up! Add yourself alphabetically sorted by family name.

  • ...


topics discussed:

  • ...


Please create a wiki page for any session you lead or attend and link to it from here:

  • ...


  • ...

blog posts

Blog posts about the meetup. Newest first.

  • ...

see also

Related Pages

planner to-do

  • I'm free most weekends through till the end of August. --Lauren Scime 17:20, 10 July 2009 (UTC-7)
    • Please see planner roles section and grab 1-2 roles that you want to help out with and add them next to your name in the planners list as Rohit, Chris, Ted, and I have done. --Tantek 17:36, 14 July 2009 (UTC)




Food and drink

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