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Microformats events, content and so forth at SXSWi.


The Future of Microformats Panel


140 Character Summary for SXSW documentation


Brainstorming the Panel

Figure out the direction, content and general flow of the panel.

Subjects to Cover

  • Summarize the state of Microformats
    • “Are microformats dead?” (not necessarily in those terms…)
    • Major implementations:
      • Google search results
      • Could demonstrate Twitter Tweet Button using rel=me to infer data from embedding pages
      • Glenn Jones has a few neat things too
        • Possibly demo each very quickly? Glenn was asking about doing a demo too.
    • What microformats are there which are stable, ‘complete’?
  • Cover structured data in general:
    • What's microdata? What's it for? Where is it supported?
    • RDFa: Depending on further checking of the figures cited in Peter Mika's blog post (, what vocabularies are emerging in the RDFa space?
      • If the figures are wrong though, or there aren't any major vocabularies, then can probably skip over this. — Ben
  • What's happening this year?
    • Any new vocabularies expected to be stable?
    • VCard 4.0, and how that will tie into hCard
    • HTML5, and how the time element affects hCalendar, hAtom, etc.
    • “Microformats 2” (datatype prefixes, generic tree parsing.)
      • If this is mentioned at all, assuming Tantek is even continuing this work at all(?), I am firmly of the view that it needs to framed as an exploration around a use case, not an accepted progression of microformats as a whole. — Ben
    • If we're covering individually led efforts though, Ben would like to frame up the concept of rich data containers and expanding parsing rules for those (vcalendar TV listings and the like.)

Subjects not to cover at all

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